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VillaJardines was embellished in 1878 by the architect Agustín Ortiz Villajos

VillaJardines is also for architecture lovers. It is a very good example of the evolution of a building throughout time. Being built in 1629, when was it updated to a 19th century taste? In 1877 the Queen Isabella II awarded … Continue reading

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This is (y)our neighborhood in Madrid: Sol

Visiting a city for the first time is very exciting, especially if it is not a main global city and one senses that it hides many secrets. Madrid is a little mystery for first timers. There are internationally recognizable elements … Continue reading

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The Madrid experience according to Marco Antonio and Jan

Marco Antonio and Jan chose VillaJardines for their Madrid stay in June 2013. Marco Antonio and Jan came through airbnb and were truly delightful guests. “Cultivated, well-mannered and always in a fun friendly spirit, it was a delight to have them over at … Continue reading

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Real horses in the old stables and a carriage-driver Marchioness

The advertising company TeamWorks, part of the communication group Nine to Five, chose VillaJardines in May 2013 for a TV commercial for one of their international clients. The commercial involves real horses in some of Madrid’s most iconic places and they … Continue reading

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Two tributes to the devil in Madrid?

A tribute to the devil sounds very contradictory in a city with so many Catholic references all over the place. I do not personally know the reasons that convinced the Duke of Fernan Nunez in 1877 to commission a statue of the fallen … Continue reading

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