Your host in Madrid


I practice fencing as sport.

Hola! 😉

My name is Rafael Martinez-Cortiña and I was born in Madrid. Please feel welcome to my home town.

I went to a public school in the UK and later on studied Economics and Politics at Complutense University of Madrid and a master’s degree in ESCP Europe (Paris).

I have lived in several countries (United Kingdom, France, Turkey, Bahrain, Argentina, Peru and Ivory Coast) for several years. I worked in PWC as a corporate strategy consultant during wonderful challlenging years and later on I run a conglomerate of companies. I am now mainly interested in the sharing economy.

I speak Spanish, English and French. I am deeply and hopelessly in love with Madrid. Since I came back to my home town in 2002, after almost 20 years wandering around, I found that I belonged here and that I want to stay in my much-beloved Madrid for good.

I am a life explorer and I love sharing my passions. Please feel free to ask 😉

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