Sergio Sanz and Manu Clavijo in VillaJardines

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17th Century: The Italian origins of VillaJardines

The first owner of the building appears to be Melchora Marullo, Marquise of La Floresta. She moved from Sicily to VillaJardines in 1627 after she widowed Antonio de Quintana-Dueñas, regent of the Council of Italy. The building was her official residence in Madrid.

De wilt

This is the first known urban planimetry of Madrid. It was done in cartographic material circa 1622 and it has bibliographic descriptions. Its title is “The Villa of Madrid, Court of the Catholic Monarchs of Spain”, dated in 1622 and first published in Amsterdam by Frederik de Wit in 1700. In the blue zoom you can see how in 1622 VillaJardines was already the most important building in the street. VillaJardines appears as property of Melchora Marullo, but the map was really finished in 1632, after she moved to Madrid in 1627. With the available information, it is not possible to really know if the building already existed in 1622 or if it was built by the Marchise de la Floresta in 1627. In any case, VillaJardines already appears in Madrid’s first map.

In 1627 Mariana Melchora Marullo and Patti officially moved to her new residence in calle de Jardines (Madrid) from Sicily after she widowed Antonio de Quintana-Dueñas, regent of the Council of Italy under the kings Philip III and Philip IV of Spain. She was part of a prominent Italian family and she enjoyed a lot of political power in the south of Italy. Her husband was an influential advisor to the Kings of Spain (and Sicily) until his death.

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Carlos Vilán celebrates in VillaJardines

On May 15th, a friend was 50 and was ready to celebrate. We gathered some common friends in the perfect place, VillaJardines. We felt it was almost historical. Even a big project might come up from a simple conversation!

A dear friend of mine, Carlos Vilán, was overjoyed when I suggested to celebrate in VillaJardines his 50th birthday celebration with common friends, all related to his brilliant dance career. A tea & champagne soirée was quickly organised and some 50 guests came to celebrate. But, wait, who is Carlos Vilán?

Carlos Vilán is one of Spain’s most iconic dancers and one would think that he has been around for ever. He has danced with world divas, like Maya Plisestskaya. He learnt from Antonio Gades, still recognised as Spain’s best male dancer ever. He was promoted by Antonio Ruiz Soler, the first Spaniard to reach Hollywood. He was mentored by Maria Rosa, still recognised as Spain’s best dancer ever.

From left to right: (1) Carlos Vilán, dancer and coreographer; (2) Ricardo Cue, Maya Plisetskaya's agent and Spain's most credited Dance Director; (3) Merche Esmeralda, flamenco dancer; (4) Maria Rosa, still considered as Spain's best dancer ever. Spain`s 20th centruy dance history in VillaJardines

From left to right, Spain`s 20th Century dance history in VillaJardines: (1) Carlos Vilán, dancer and coreographer; (2) Ricardo Cue, Maya Plisetskaya‘s agent and Spain’s most credited Dance Director; (3) Trinidad Artiguez, flamenco dancer and Director of the Flamenco Academy; (4) Maria Rosa, still considered as Spain’s best female dancer ever. – With permission to publish the picture here. Please do not reproduce –

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A documentary on a film director’s unaccomplished dreams

A documentary wants to analyze one of the best European film directors of all times. Some of the stars who worked with him explore his personality in VillaJardines.

These past days have been rather busy and fun. VillaJardines has been chosen as one of the stages for a documentary currently being filmed in Spain and the United Kingdom. The building looks like a cool movie set!


Who was sitting on this chair yesterday? Loose lips sink ships and confidentiality does not allow me to talk. Nevertheless, a teaser will be released in April and the whole mystery will be revealed. Who were filmed in VillaJardines talking about what director?

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Simon Bolivar lived in VillaJardines from 1799 to 1800

Not many people know that Simon Bolivar lived in Madrid between 1799 and 1802, where he married Maria Teresa Rodriguez del Toro. What did he do as a teenager in Madrid?

Simon Bolivar [i] was born in 1783 in Caracas and he is the father of six countries in Latin America (Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama and Bolivia). He lived in Madrid in different periods between 1799 and 1802 and became a priviledged witness of two worlds. He first lived with his maternal uncle Esteban Palacios (one of the fathers of the 1812 Spanish Constitution), under the protection of Manuel Mallo, the Queen’s lover.  He was able to witness the sad reality of a decaying court. Simultenously, he was able to expand his knowledge with the cultivated Marquis de Ustariz. He also made several trips to Bilbao. And yes, apparently he lived in VillaJardines for almost a year.

The importance of being Simoncito in Madrid

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Paradise must be exquisite

On mid november a very special meal was organised in VillaJardines around two emotion catalysers: champagne and classical music, a perfect couple. In autumn, the perfect season

In Madrid we love food and we create lots of events around the table, both for lunch or for dinner, at home or in a restaurant, on a daily basis. Food is culturally important for us. Not only it provides nutritional support for the body, but it helps us relate to each other. Elaboration of the cultural significance of food and eating focuses on our social values, our meanings and beliefs rather than on dietary requirements and nutritional values. We pay a lot of attention to food.

Being as we are in Madrid, on this occasion the objective was to host in VillaJardines a whole new level in exquisiteness through the marriage of two world acclaimed celebrities: champagne and classical music.

Ingredient 1: A beautiful table.

A beautiful table always helps to make everyone feel at home. Everybody loves to be sorrounded by beauty. The dining table was decorated as the rest of the room: a very evocative autumn

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5 Masterpieces to enjoy at the Prado Museum

The Prado Museum opened in 1819 as the Royal Museum of Paintings. The building was not designed as the typical encyclopaedic museum, where objects from all eras of art history are shown. It was rather designed to reflect the taste of Spanish royalty in art.

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