VillaJardines as (y)our chill out area

My experience hosting through online platforms like Airbnb has allowed me to accumulate a huge amount of knowledge on the possibilities of a demand-driven digital society. And the specific learnings from the homesharing activity never seem to end.

I have had the chance to host through Airbnb a whole group of 13 professionals who came to Madrid from all over the world. Each one of them was hosted in a different hotel but they needed a place to hold meetings and to do things like respond to emails, hold skype interviews, plan their Madrid stay and relax.

For the first time ever, VillaJardines was specifically used as a relax area. Nothing was changed. All the furniture was the same and each piece was placed in its original place. Nothing had to be added or removed. All the rooms where used and the whole flat seemed to be useful for their purposes. And it worked!! 🙂

It was a pure delight to interact with them. They all work for a company that enlarges and expands the Internet with digital contents. Being a technology freak I was awed by their presence in VillaJardines.

These are their pictures. Thank you Rachel, Richard, Donncha and the rest for making the hosting experience a great adventure.


About Rafael Martinez-Cortiña

21st century life explorer in Madrid, a city that makes sense
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