Clandestine cocktails in VillaJardines

Whenever you put two peers together an incredible energy catalyzes into something unique. Two people with the same values and the same mentality can create brilliant ideas. Twenty five peers together can change the world.

Since it was first built in 1627, extraordinary events happen in VillaJardines all the time. Our clandestine cocktails gather the best members of the best families. While we share dreams, we feel we are a clan with a destiny (in Spanish, clan-destino).

Me with the founding members of the Spanish Dance Digital Nation Estela Alarcón, Ricardo Cue, Cecilia Rodrigo, Carlos Vilan, Carmen Cantero, Esther Jurado, Carmen Rojas, Mercedes Albi, Maria Carrasco...

This is the last clandestine cocktail held in VillaJardines (January 2017). Estela Alarcón, Ricardo Cue, Cecilia Rodrigo, Carlos Vilan, Carmen Cantero, Esther Jurado, Carmen Rojas, Mercedes Albi, Maria Carrasco…are the founding members of the future Spanish Dance Digital Nation

In the past years, the majority of clandestine cocktails held in VillaJardines were linked to the buildup of Peer to Peer communities related to the sharing economy in Madrid (that includes Airbnb). They gathered the first forerunners who made a bet on the sharing economy and now VillaJardines is considered as a reference for the madrilenian collaborative community. Most of those pioneers who are now a big voice in the sharing economy world in Madrid met in VillaJardines. To such extent it is considered (y)our natural collaborative space that Sharing España, the association in Spain of startups like Airbnb, Blablacar, Uber, etc asked Thinkeers to organise in October 2016 the closing cocktail for the 1st Sharing Week…. in VillaJardines. Yes, my home is (y)ours.

InvitaciónCC06.10.16.pngThe sharing economy has not been the only theme in our cocktails. In VillaJardines we have provided a warm welcome to Madrid to distinguished people like William Singer (lawyer), Stefano Sannino (Ambassador of Italy in Spain) or Samantha Flores (philanthropist). People like Ramón Tamames (economist), Pedro Schwartz (economist) or Jordi Sevilla (exMinister with President Zapatero) have been in VillaJardines to deliberate about our future. The list of singular people who have been in VillaJardines is very extensive and in all cases we felt like peers. Since we seem to have no end, we have even dared to found a transhumanist digital nation with José Cordeiro (Singularity University) in December 2016. I wonder what comes next 🙂


VillaJardines is perfect for clandestine meetings. The space attracts incredible people willing to share emotions with their peers. Imagine when a few of those meet under a nice atmosphere and the right energy… They could change the world!!

About Rafael Martinez-Cortiña

21st century life explorer in Madrid, a city that makes sense
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