Perez the Mouse

Created in 1894, Perez the Mouse has become a reference for Spanish-speaking children. It is the equivalent of the tooth fairy in the Anglo world.

It originated in the late 19th century when the young Alfonso XIII, being 8 years old years, lost a milk tooth. His mother, the Queen Regent Cristina of Habsburg-Lorraine, asked the Jesuit Luis Coloma to write a short story that could alleviate the child’s pain. Perez the Mouse was born and quickly became a very important part in the lives of all children.


El Raton Perez is the only fictional character with a real address. In the 21st century, children’s teeth still arrive in envelopes to number 8 in Calle Arenal, very close to Sol. The reason why the little mouse Perez had his residence there is because it was a known reference to the young monarch. The child was 8, Prast was one of the best sweet shops in Madrid in the early 1900s and it was very close to the Royal Palace in Madrid.

To improve the post, the Spanish song “Suzie has a mouse” has been introduced. It’s a well known song to Spaniards older than 35, as it became very popular in the 1970s and 1980s. It is sung by the TV Clowns (Gaby, Fofó, Miliki and Fofito).

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